AI is everywhere! From Midjourney to ChatGPT, and it is time to admit that artificial intelligence technologies are here to stay. 

But even before these chatty, artsy bots leapt into our lives, they have long been part of our imagination. And indeed, we have seen quite a few examples of that in ...

Lessons from a successful Networking event
On a random Tuesday in the summer of 2022, we, the CenterFrame team, hosted 85 filmmakers - screenwriters, directors, and producers - for a networking event, and asked them to form teams to develop short-film projects over the following month. 

The max potential was 35 teams.

30 teams formed, and...
You Know What We Did Last Summer
At 7 months old (not counting 2 years of planning, developing, bickering, building, and more bickering), CenterFrame is already a bustling hub of directors, screenwriters and producers, all fervently scratching each others’ backs in a true spirit of creative collaboration. 
Top Lessons for Writing Shorts
Learn 7 valuable lessons for crafting successful short film scripts. These insights come from analyzing successful entries in CenterFrame's GET IT MADE competitions and provide a roadmap for effective short storytelling.
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