You Know What We Did Last Summer

26.10.23 04:08 PM By Arianna Steigman

But I’ll tell you what we’ve been upto, just coz we’re rather proud of it:

At 7 months old (not counting 2 years of planning, developing, bickering, building, and more bickering), CenterFrame is already a bustling hub of directors, screenwriters and producers, all fervently scratching each others’ backs in a true spirit of creative collaboration. 
All of these filmmakers are here to give life to their stories and boost their careers - with learning resources, an engaged community, and FUNDING. 
So far, CenterFrame has funded 15 film & TV projects, and is poised to do much more. 

With various grants designed to suit different stages of a project’s life cycle, we aim to be an amplifier for filmmakers’ careers at any stage of their journey. 

These are the filmmakers and projects which have enjoyed CenterFrame support, to date: 


Séverin Tibi, Cannes-based film producer, has received a whopping £20,000 budget to produce her short dramedy ROUGE, which is currently being developed, crewed, and cast;

Ethan Evans and Jess Bartlett have landed a £10,000 budget to produce their horror short OUTSIDE NOISE - which has already been shot, and is knee-deep in post-production!!! 

3 screenwriters received a Development Grant for their Feature or TV pilot scripts: 

MY BROTHER IS A MERMAID by Alfie Dale, PARADISE BY WAY OF JORDYN by Amadeus Redha, and FREE TRADERS by Jo Gatford:

2 filmmakers received Completion Funding to get their shorts through post-production: 

RUN OUTS by Dhillon Shukla, and THE FRIENDSHIP OF FISH, by Liz Van Ingen, Sherice Griffiths, and Neal McAndrew.

And 3 films got their Festival submission-fees covered: 

THE SNIP by Adam Gregory Smith, UNDER THE BLUE by Linda Ludwig & James Curle, and TREES by Jan Ruppe-Rahman

But even before this, 3 shorts-film projects who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in our GET IT MADE Project Competition last winter, have all been filmed: 

CRUSTS, by Ben Ferrity and Alfie Dale, is all wrapped up and has even had its debut screening;

OPENING UP, by Lorna Riley and Oz Arshad is all neat & polished, and SATISFACTION, by Christopher Buckley, Bailey Tom Bailey and Marek Lichtenberg is well into post-production.

We LOVE stories. And we adore filmmakers. It is our mission to boldly go… no, that’s those dudes in monochrome onesies. Our mission, and we’ve definitely chosen to accept it, is to support filmmakers along the arduous path of building their creative careers, and getting as many good stories out into the world (and onto a screen) as we possibly can. 

Join us.  We make movies happen. 

Arianna Steigman