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Where scripts find voices and pitches find listeners


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Where scripts find

voices and pitches

find listeners


CenterFrame Team

Dear Filmmakers, Screenwriters, and hopefuls:

We're thrilled to announce the return of GET IT MADE – an opportunity that goes beyond just scripts and pitches; it's a chance to create, and turn your cinematic fantasy into a working project. 

Presented by CenterFrame, this is an earnest invitation for writers, producers, and directors to join a community where creative sparks ignite and stories come to life.


GET IT MADE Overview:

GET IT MADE is not your typical script competition; it's a dynamic platform that brings together writers, producers, and directors in a quest to bring short films to life

Teams formed through the competition will recieve mentorship by experienced filmmakers in the GET IT MADE Development Lab, to refine their projects for the Pitch Competition. 

The two winning teams will each receive £5,000 and support from CenterFrame’s Production Arm to bring their short films to fruition, and get it into festivals.


At the heart of CenterFrame's mission is the dedication to nurturing talent and building a supportive creative community. Shortlisted teams will receive mentorship from experienced filmmakers, and an opportunity to develop their projects with the support of the CenterFrame community.


How to Participate:

To embark on this cinematic journey, become a CenterFrame member – it's FREE, open, and waiting for your creative force. Build your profile with a photo, a bio that reflects your style and experience, and a showcase of your work. Then, depending on your role:


Share a complete, unproduced short-film script (up to 5 pages),

a logline, and a synopsis capturing your story.


Showcase your talents with a CenterFrame profile and

a reel that shows off your creative style.

Submission Timeline & Cost:

  • Early Bird Submission: 26 January - 22 February 2024  - £35

  • Regular Submission: 23February - 25 April 2024 - £45

  • Late Submission: 26 April - 23 May 2024 - £55

Annual CenterFrame Filmmaker PRO Members enjoy FREE submission.

Scripts and filmmakers will be shortlisted to attend the Team-building Ball by professional readers and the CenterFrame Team. 


If you're 18+, regardless of your experience level, you're welcomed with open arms. The only requirement is your presence at the Team Building Ball in London on June 25th, 2024.

IT'S A DATE! (or rather a speed-dating night)

Mark Your Calendar for the GET IT MADE Team Building Ball on June 25th, 2024, in London. It's not just a networking event; it's a meeting ground for creative minds, an opportunity to form connections, and the starting point of your collaborative journey.

Here Writers will choose the Driectors and Producers they want to work with to develop their shortlisted script, and create the pitch

Bring forth: the Project Teams!


Development Lab and Pitch Competition:

Once the teams have been formed and declared, mentors – an industry veteran and past GET IT MADE winners – join the fray. With their guidance, the teams will have two months to develop the script, leading to the creation of a compelling pitch deck and video to captivate the CenterFrame community.

The Pitch-off:

At the end of the two-month development lab, the GET IT MADE Panel will shortlist the 10 best projects, and the CenterFrame Community will decide the two winners through aranked vote.


The two winning Project Teams will each receive £5,000, plus backing and support from CenterFrame’s Production Arm (who will come on board as exec-producers). They’ll also get access to sponsored camera and lighting packages, a sponsored post package, 1-year PRO CenterFrame membership for the writer, director, and producer, and automatic eligibility for CenterFrame Awards in November.

And for the remaining 8 Shortlisted Teams:

Even if your project doesn’t win, you’ll get a CenterFrame Selected badge, a 50% discount on CenterFrame Pro membership, and the chance to be part of the CenterFrame Spotlight event if you make your the film.

So, dear filmmakers and writers: the stage is set, the invitation extended. 

With only 90 spots available, you better put your skates on! Visit CenterFrame, become a member, submit your work, and embark on a cinematic journey that might just kick-start your filmmaking career.

GET IT MADE - where scripts find voices and pitches find listeners. 

For detailed submission requirements, please refer to the Competition T&Cs. Remember, attending the Team-building Ball is a must to qualify for the Lab and Pitch stage of the competition.


Communications Executive | CenterFrame Team

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You can edit text on your website by double clicking ely, when you select a text box

You can edit text on your website by double clicking ely, when you select a text box

You can edit text on your website by double clicking ely, when you select a text box

You can edit text on your website by double clicking ely, when you select a text box

You can edit text on your website by double clicking ely, when you select a text box

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